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ZDS borehole pumps 
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The DRP is ready for use, integrated into the connection cable and needs no further installation. In case of water shortage, the DRP stops the pump immediately, the water drops below the DRP and restarts the pump automatically a short time after the water rises above the DRP to allow water to flow into the borehole. In contrast to traditional solutions, no additional cables, sensors and control boxes are needed. The DRP device has been developed and tested to make the submerged pump function autonomously in conditions of water shortage. In case of repeated starting and stopping of the pump, such as when the air in a pressure tank is low or the membrane is damaged, the DRP registers the frequent starts and stops and will automatically stop the motor from burning out. The DRP may be reset simply by disconnecting the power supply. We can now supply DRPs for every motor in our range up to and including 4 kw in single & 3 phase. It is worth bearing in mind that, to ensure trouble-free operation, the 3 phase DRPs and the single phase 2.2 kW DRP may ONLY be purchased with the appropriate motor. It can not be bought as a separate unit. Because of the protection they offer to the motors, not just dryrunning protection, we believe we are approaching the point where the majority of our motors will be supplied with the DRP already fitted. It is still the case that no other manufacturer is able to match this product and we believe that it gives all of our customers a terrific selling point when they are faced with competition from other brands.
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4" borehole pump in one package
As far as we are aware, ZDS is the only company to offer a “No Quibble Guarantee” on the entire product portfolio. It simply means that regardless of what problem you or your client encounters, we will replace the product up until 24 months after purchase. The only requirement is that the products are returned complete and have not been tampered with. ZDS knows your satisfaction comes from using, selling or installing pumps and not by pulling them back up again.
No Quible Guarantee on the ZDS submersible pumps
Certificate and “No Quibble Guarantee”...
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What is the Pump Protector – DRP?
The Pump Protector - DRP is an innovative electronic device that guarantees optimal protection of the submerged pump from dry running. Additionally, it also protects the motor from burning out in case of repeated starts and stops.
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Complete Solutions Ready to Install...    in one Package!
ZDS have re-writen the rule book on bore hole pump manufacture. The entire casing is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel. The specially designed, self cleaning Noryl® impellers allow the pump to work in heavy sand conditions (up to120 g/m3) or where mineral deposits such as iron are a problem. The power cable is protected by a thick stainless steel cover to protect wires from damage during installation
When all components come in one box, the hassle of stock management is reduced significantly.It eliminates the need to order certain numbers of this and other numbers of that, and saves time keeping stock of everything. The boxes are easy to pick up, easy to store and easy to deliver. Shelves are packed neatly, space is saved and orders are carried out quickly.
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